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The tragedy of 2004 will not be forgotten in the minds of many but eight years later there are hardly any signs of reminder in the city of the Great Tsunami. Phuket is back to the bustling beach city it once was and even better than before. Very much, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, so has Phuket risen from the mud and devastation. Phuket is now the all-night-long party city of the Eastern side of Thailand. Half-naked party animals are a common sight every weekend and during festivities but it seems like Phuket has everyday weekends and festivities! Patong Beach is the height of a pleasurably decadent lifestyle. You can find anything here from shopping to all-night hedonistic parties. Phuket also invites travelers of all budgets from the budget hitchhiker to the infamously famous!

On the flip side, Phuket is also a daring adventurer's haven. There are numerous cliffs to scale, clear waters to dive around in, and jungles to explore. Those who however had one too many drinks the night before can find themselves lazing out at the many pristine beaches, tanning to perfection like a nice grilled red lobster!

Phuket is still the biggest draw to the Andaman. Year in and out throngs of travelers pass the gateways into Phuket, each looking for a piece of the action pie that is Phuket and an affordable holiday. Watching the travelers and revelers at the full moon parties cavorting and cajoling can be just as amusing. Therefore, no matter what your party flavor, Phuket in the blissful Andaman has it all and once having tasted it, you will definitely be back for more!

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